I have to be honest, the process of writing a master´s thesis is indeed challenging. The challenge starts with trying to find a good project that would catch your interest and would be good for your future. Among the students of International Biotechnology program I was the one who found a project the latest. And believe me, the struggle was real! It takes quite some time to find and arrange a master thesis project that is suitable with your background and your interest. However, after a bunch of online applications and interviews I was able to get the position as a master student at the company I wanted to work for the most.

When I go back in time, I see that I was very stressed at the start of this project. That was mostly caused by the fact that I did not have much clue about how to organize my schedule and design the experiments. With time, I got used to the project and started to feel much more comfortable about it. My thesis project is collaborated by VA SYD, Sweden Water Research and Water and Environmental Engineering group of Chemical Engineering Department at Lund University and that makes everything about it to be very structured. Since the beginning I´ve had many deadlines and meetings with my supervisors which pushed me a lot to keep working all the time. However, it is not easy to be very efficient and productive everyday. There had happened days on which I was able to add only one more sentence to my report and I was still feeling happy.

Right now, I am at the phase where I need to conclude my work. I have only a couple of weeks left to finish and that brought back the old feeling I once had: the stress! I feel like I need to work a lot to finish everything on time. Guess instead of blood, I will need caffeine in my veins in the following days!

May the luck and days without procrastination be with us!


  • Gülce


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