Kanelbullens dag (Cinnamon buns day)~

Today, Oct 4 is celebrated in Sweden as Kanelbullens dag. You might wonder why celebrate a cinnamon bun day!?! I had the same question until my Swedish friend explained its significance.
Kanelbullens dag is being celebrated on Oct 4th every year since 1999. It is said to be initiated by a baker (promoting yeast, flour, sugar and margarine manufacturing in olden days). In a way to market their products, most of the bakeries and cafeterias celebrate this day with a special focus on cinnamon buns. The celebration is said to have mainly started to emphasize the Swedish tradition and culture. I really appreciate the intention and how Swedes like to keep up their old tradition 🙂


Its Kanelbulle everywhere and hope all of you have tasted one at fika! If not, this is the day! Don’t miss it.  Time for me to grab one..


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