It is all about group work…

When starting my masters in Food Technology and Nutrition in Lund, I was not expecting to have groupwork for every single course. But that makes part of the swedish education system and I think it is a really important prerequisite one could add to the CV, when applying for jobs. It does not only sound good to have the ability to work in an  international team with different backgrounds, but it is also an excellent way of learning from each othere during the group sessions.

Group work is one of the course parts that I like the most. It might not always be easy and there will be always somebody who puts more work load onto the colleges instead of fixing things themselves, but that is how life is. So it is good to be able to learn how to cope with such a situation. You will understand that sometimes you are not only reponsible for your own success, but when working in a group you can be more successful if every link of the system works properly.


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