Since there is a long summer holiday from  June to August in Sweden, I decided to do an internship during this time. Another reason why I wanted to do an internship is that I want to collect some practical experience in the Food R&D sector.

So I was looking for opportunities for an internship during late winter/early spring but it was not so easy to find relevant positions online. The university provides every year career fairs but unfortunately I was not so lucky there either. However, when I asked one of my professors, I got immediately a helpful response with some contact information. I wasted no time and applied instantly. The only thing I regret is that I did not make it clear if I expected to get paid or not. So do not make the same mistake for your application 😉

That’s how I got a four week internship in a research company called Aventure. It was not only a great and informative time but I was also accepted as a regular team member from the first day. The location was also convenient. I live in Delphi and the company was only a five minute bicycle ride away.

I would definitely absolve a optional internship again.


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