If you call for participants for your research

I’ve just run two focus groups. Information got during in focus groups discussions is very important for my research. But! Although one said that it would be easy to find volunteers who would be happy to spend an hour or so on reading comics, the process appeared to be extremely difficult. Why?

  1. Yes, there are many students on campus, but they are busy. There are different reasons to be busy – to study, to date someone, to fix a washing machine, to rescue a cat, etc.
  2. Timing and venue is another challenge. Guys, before planning an activity, check if it’s an exam week. I didn’t do that because I…I didn’t think about it at all, because I was too much into my thesis and my own schedule.
  3. Potential participants should be really interested in your topic; then they will be more or less ready to come. However, you’d better to consider Plan B and offer people some free stuff – fika, discounts coupons, whatever.
  4. Probably you’ve noticed, that there are many info walls around campus with different leaflets on them. Each library, I believe, has at least one. There are even two in LTH Study Center. But! Before putting, for example, your poster on them, one has to ask for permission. Unfortunately, that also takes time…

To sum up, it’s doable. Please, plan in advance.

  • Tatiana
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