How bad are swedish dark winters in Lund?

When one thinks about a northern country, one of the thoughts might be that it is dark and cold in winter time…

But I can cheer you up, it is not as bad as you would think (considering the darkness). As I am from Italy I have to say that you can of course feel a difference in hours where there is light between the south and the north. But the only month in which you go out of the house when it is dark (7am) and you come back home when it is dark (5pm) is between mid November and mid December! And in December there are everywhere Christmas lights that make a very nice and cosy atmosphere, do that you are able to get over the reduced amount of light over the day! 🙂

And… Lund is in the south of Sweden, so we are here still lucky having rather long days!

And when asking the Swedes about how they cope with the darkness, they just say that it is ok for them, at least like this they have super long and bright days over summer time! 🙂

And what Swedes about the cold weather say: there is nothing like cold weather, there is just wrong clothes!

And here a picture of this morning 8:00 am… the sun was shining over the LTH campus!



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