Höstfest & Kulturnatten

If you are like me and sometimes feel that your bike is inseparable part of your body, you might be surprised how great is it to explore the city by foot from time to time.

An opportunity arose this weekend because I was really curious what is happening in Botanical Garden under a mysterious name “Höstfest” and what the Kulturnatten is about.

Botanical Garden has various activities open on 17-18th of September including fruit, pressed juice and vegetable tasting, garden boutique, open greenhouse and last days of garden café. You can try local types of apples, take part in quiz or just take advantage of last sunny summer days and stroll through the garden.


Kulturnatten is not just a night even – on 17th of September whole city center is filled with music (I found 3 different music scenes), various food trucks and stalls, open workshops and artist ateliers and many many more. The weather was perfect so Lund was really busy!


If you still have a chance – visit the Botanical Garden today!


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