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Hello, My name is Atef Hatahet from Syria and I currently finished my first year in Wireless communication master’s program at Lund university.

I must say that the last weeks before exams I couldn’t wait till I get back home and relax, but I have never thought that after only a couple of days of arriving home I would say “I miss Sweden”.
There are a lot of great things about Sweden and especially Lund, but what I miss the most is the queuing system of Swedish people, there are queues for everything, they queue to buy cheese from the super market, wait for the bus or take a ticket from the queuing machine (which I don’t really think they need) to stand in another queue, and Swedish people are programmed to stand in line and respect the order.

I remember like yesterday at the 2016 arrival day, I reached Lund after a long trip from my home. And there I witnessed the queuing phenomenon at its best. Hundreds of students waiting to get their accommodation’s keys, there were a lot of students that I thought I would better find a place to sleep that night because I would never get that key. But with the great Swedish queuing power it took me less than one hour to get it. Even though there were all international students but there were Swedish people helping to organize the queue.

To end, one of the rarest moments to see an angry Swedish person is if you break the line so enjoy Sweden and happy standing!!

Flalfel queue

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  1. 15 June, 2017 | 09:48 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    Great post! Welcome to the blog Atef!

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