Holiday in Sweden

When studying abroad, you should take the opportunity to explore the country during the holiday. Since the summer break is around three months long, there is enough time for an extended tour. Together with two friends, I had a road trip around the southern part of Sweden, which included cities like Gothenburg, Karlstad, Uppsala, Stockholm, Jönköping and many more.

A culinary highlight was the giant kanelbulle in Gothenburg.




However, the best part about Sweden is in my opinion its nature. There are countless of forests, lakes and islands which are asking for getting explored.

If you also like fishing then take the chance to fish at one of the three biggest lakes of Sweden for free. We combined fishing with canoeing in the largest lake of Sweden (Vänern) which was just amazing although I got a sunburn.


With around 30.000 islands Stockholm’s archipelago is one of the biggest in the world. Fortunately there are cheap and fast ferries during the summer time to the most interesting islands. We went to an island called Finnhamn and the ferry trip was as exciting as the island itself. We have regret a bit that we left our tent on land because staying there over night would have made this tour even better.

Nonetheless, it was a great time and you should definitely explore Sweden when you are studying in Lund.

Enjoy the summer,





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