Last Saturday, me and some of my class mates got an opportunity to take place in a so called ‘Hackathon’. The principle was simple: work together in random groups of 4 or 5 for 12 hours, and in the end present your 3d-printed prototype. It was organized by THINK Open Space (an initiative of a café at campus Helsingborg), and the theme this time was ‘Renewable Home Energy’, which is absolutely, exactly what I study! So to say it short: I was fairly confident in having a fun day and make some use of my knowledge, and of course win the event. (And I was super excited about being able to 3d-print, which I had never done/seen before.) Luckily I was proven right on the first two things. I had great fun working with people from different countries with a wide scala of different backgrounds. And I got to make use of my knowledge outside the study environment, which is nice to experience as well.

Unfortunately in the end my team didn’t win. 🙁 But at least one of my classmates did (which was obvious, since every group had at least 1 person from the Energy efficient building design programme in it).

I will leave with two questions for now:
1 – Do you want to know what my team made (and maybe what the others did as well)? Then I can maybe dedicate my next writing to it.
2 – In the picture below it is shown that we’re 3-d printing; but what are we printing here? (10 points and eternal admiration from me for the right answer.)

The million dollar question: What is it that we're printing here?

The million dollar question: What is it that we’re printing here?

Ok. Bye.

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