Growing mushrooms for my project

If you’d said that I would grow mushrooms for my thesis a year ago I would laugh and laugh. And now I’m spending my tuesday afternoon growing and stuffing mushroom mass into brick molds for my thesis project. In Lund architecture is very broad subject which alows you to choose your path and explore the field.

Ok so I bought a mushroom growing kit from the Netherlands and started growing them by adding a bit of water and some flour.

I then waited for the mushrooms to start filling the bag. Beforehand I used CNC machine to mill a negative mold for my bricks. Then I used the vacuum forming machine here in Lund to make a plastic mold for my brick. I filled the molds with mushroom matereal after it has grown a bit and now I have to wait for the mushrooms to fill in my molds.

It is very interesting and you can really grow whichever shape you like. It’s a fantastic material and worth playing around. I will be sharing my research here in this blog later on.

See you, Joris.

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