Getting a cold

Hey guys,

Today I’m going to talk about something that is not that exciting but it might be useful to you.

When you live in a country as cold as Sweden, you are bound to get sick at some point or another (or even multiple times unfortunately).

It depends on one person’s immune system to the other, as well as your diet etc, but a lot of people here take vitamin C and D every day to cope with the weather. Those are quite easy to find at any supermarket or pharmacy. But if the worst happens and you do get sick, then it might be tricky to find medecine here. From what I can tell, Swedes don’t really take any flu medicine just to get over a cold. You can either find some herbal, more natural vitamins or antibiotics, no middle ground. Where I come from we have a wide variety of flu medecines, so I always bring some with me when I go back home. Something to think about…

Stay warm people,


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