For everything there is a first time…

Hello to all of you!

It is the first time for me to write a blog, so I take the chance to introduce mayself very shortly. My name is Anna, I am a 24 year old master student in Food Technology and Nutrition at Lund University. I am from Italy (from the very north, where I live in the Alps), but I have lived now for one year in Lund and even if there are no mountains, I still love it here. (The description was short, but the post will be quiet long, sorry 😛 (It is the first time), I promise the next ones will not be as much text! 😉 )

For some of you it might be the first time to leave your hometown for such a long time, or to travel so far to get some new experience or to study abroad. But believe me, even if it might sound scary at the beginning or if you may be afraid and have many questions, you should not worry too much.

As a lot of people will be new and have the same doubts or questions Lund University is organizing an awesome introduction period in which you will meet a lot of interesting new people, where some of them will end up to stay your friends and some of them might just cross your way for a short time. And there will be a lot of people helping you out with anything you are wondering.

But this introduction period is only the beginning of an amazing time you will spend in Lund, gaining new experience, new knowledge in your field of studies, meeting many new people from all over the world, where some of them will stay your friends for a life time.

I am happy to share some of my experiences and stories with all of you in the coming year.

So be excited to start this journey and I am sure once arrived to Lund, within a short time you will have your own amazing stories to tell! So whenever you want to share one of these stories with us, just write in the comments, I am excited to hear them 🙂

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  1. 21 July, 2016 | 10:30 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    Welcome to the blog Anna! I still remember when you told me so vividly about all the fun you had during the introduction when I sat beside you at the dinner in October. I hope you can inspire others to make the most of that time.

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