Field trip

Study visits have always been my favorite part in the courses. The ability to connect between the theory part and what really happens in the real world, thus comprehend better what you study. Also it is nice to get out of class of course ;).
Last year, during the urban water course we had the chance of two field trips, one to the wastewater treatment and the other for the drinking water treatment. Both of them were really amazing, the process engineers at the plants were patiently explaining every step of the process and answering all the questions. Me and my classmates were enjoying the field trip,  some of us were not familiar with the chemistry ,the sanitary engineering or have a tangible experience with them, thus the field trip was very useful in understanding. In the following lectures we were able to follow the lecturer smoothly through the different process cause we linked it with what we saw at the treatment plants.
Furthermore we got a general knowledge of what is expected from us if we want to work at the treatment plants and what are the required knowledge for such positions.
*Picture from last year field trip

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