Field Study: China

At the beginning of October Sudes went to China, specifically Beijing and Tianjin. For the first part we were in Tianjin and we did a design charette with local university students as well as some from a university in Beijing. It was an intense couple of days. Many us finished our group projects minutes before the competition deadline. Also we had to work it with extremely limited to no internet service at all, which really makes you realize how much in design you do rely upon the internet to get  pictures, transferring files etc. In the end it all worked out. I got to meet some wonderful people. After the competition, a big group of us went out to a very nice restaurant and had some amazing food followed by karaoke.

The following morning we went to Beijing. In Beijing, we had a lot more time to explore around the city. In the morning we had a group lecture/discussion about our findings and observations from Beijing. On the last day 18 of us rented a large van/bus to go to the Great Wall of China. We had prepared for the car ride to take 2 hours or more because of traffic, but amazingly enough it took the actual time it was supposed to take 1.5 hours. Once we were out of Beijing the landscape changed pretty quickly. Honestly, I had lost all sense of orientation. We made it to the great wall. We were told the that if we hiked up it would take 2 hours (It didn’t…. It took one of our class mates 25 minutes….) So we took the gonadal, which had a spectacular view.  Then began the walk along the wall. One of the most impressive things to me about the wall was how steep the slope of the mountain was and the wall just went right up it. Until you go there, you really have no understanding of just how steep that the slope is. When we were getting to head back a girl I was walking with and I wanted to go a little bit further before turning back. It was all downhill. When we were going back up hill we were joking, whyyy did we want to go further? haha It was a fun time, especially being able to share the experience with so many friends!

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