Exploring the Faculty of Medicine

My dream came true 🙂 I study together with doctors and explore this amazing world of human-beings and our nature. Moreover, since the course is held in the Clinical Research Center in Malmö, I’m really happy to leave Lund at least for a month.

How could it happen? I’ve applied for the course Sexual and Reproductive Health as an elective to get another 7.5 credits. Luckily, it was possible to apply for courses not related to LTH.

What is my experience so far? I find it very interesting and complementary to DRMCCA programme. Guest lectures will tell more more about violence during conflicts and disasters, as well as gender issue as a cross-cutting one in capacity development. Additionally, I’ll try some new group works formats, for example, recording a presentation (or even making a video of it).

  • Tatiana
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