Exam Periods

Dear everyone,

the academic year at LTH can be quite confusing to those used to a system from a different country or university. Right now, students are writing exams and assignments – the first “Läsperiod”, which is one half of a semester and translates to lecturing period, has come to an end. Information to the academic calendar can be found here, but you should also pay attention to the more detailed “Läsårsindelning“, in which you can find out about when re-exams are offered. As this has changed recently, it can be even a bit confusing for current students who are looking into re-taking an exam. This is usually the case if someone has failed an exam. It is even possible to re-take passed exams, which you might consider. All this is possible when the regular exam is offered as well as in the blue-highlighted “omtentaperioder”.

To all writing exams: Good luck! If you have more questions on assessment of studies at LTH, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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