Enjoyable exams !!

Breathing a sigh of relief, after finishing the ever last exam in my Masters’,  I still remember my first exam, and how I was surprised on an exam of 5 hours, having used to a maximum of 3 hours of exam. I used to worry about the knowledge and  timing  as well. but I really admired the  idea of this 5 or 4 hours, you will be relax , and think carefully during the exam,

another thing worth mentioning is that you can carry your food and drinks and enjoy within the exam. most of exam halls include toilets inside them, so the atmosphere is very  well prepared for students to relieve the stress and (enjoy exams!!).

It was my first time to have an open book exam here in Lund university! this option was  not available  in my old university,  I think for Engineering, open book exams are excellent since you will focus on the knowledge only while studying and you will not be disturbed by  memorizing the long formulas.

I am really feeling satisfied with my beloved embedded electronics program. Although I  passed by tough times, being in the labs up to mid-nights to finish assignments , but at the end it is very interesting , worthy and joyful journey.

Hind Dafallah








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