Early Christmas Signs

When Julmust and Glögg hits the shelves of supermarkets you can start to have that warm-fuzzy feeling as it indicates one and only thing: Christmas is coming! Julmust which can be found in supermarkets only during Christmas and Easter (then the name changes into `påskmust´) is a soft drink that is dark, relatively consistent and very very sweet! For a person who is not used to its taste, this traditional beverage may not be the best. However, this does not change the fact that it will by far be the most consumed soft drink in Sweden at such happy times of year. Good selling strategy, isn`t it?

Glögg on the other hand, is one of my favourite drinks that Sweden offers. Thanks to Ikea, I was introduced to this amazing sweet-sour and spicy taste way before I came to Sweden. Still, I enjoy it a lot more here since I can find so many different brands and types of this tasty Christmas drink.

I am sure these few examples already made you want to experience Swedish Christmas. Well, you know what? There is still a huge number of exciting Christmas traditions/foods that I did not mention. Who knows, maybe you are going to be the next lucky person to discover them!



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