Design Projects in Master of Industrial Design

When talking about Industrial Design in Lund, some people would say that we have a really free environment. We get open topics. We can define our own interested area within the topic. We could also decide our topics and schedules if we have something that we really want to dive into.

The first semester, we had a design topic about Human and Nature, concerning product life circle. We visited a lot of companies and factories in Sweden. All of us looked into different things within the topic, reusable packaging, natural non-pollution ink, organic fishing, non plastic fishing packaging, furniture with natural materials and so on. We had a hard time fighting with our professor whether plastic is good or not. By the end of the project, we went exhibiting in Stockholm.

The second semester, we had several topics. Some of us decided their topics by themselves.  Most of us chose the design topic about light, concerning living and behavior. We had quite limited time and we were quite stressed out with our prototypes. We went exhibiting in 2017 Milan Design Week, which was very nice.

Now, the third semester, we are having a project about space design. Right now I am  looking into some interesting details in space exploration, trying to figure out what I can do for astronauts. We are planning on a study trip to USA for the project.

Apart from the main design projects, we also have some small courses each semester. It’s kind of challenging to schedule trips and exhibitions together with our design projects and those small courses. But it’s very nice to have opportunities travelling around, visiting companies,  and exhibiting in big design events.

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