Could it be Eid outside your home??

These days all Muslims celebrate Eid Aladha, which lasts for 4 days and where people usually fast the day before Eid and eat together at sunset, at morning next day they go to the mosque for a prayer and to greet each other. All this was memories for me as I thought it is hard to feel the occasion outside my country without my family and especially in a non-Muslim country.
However, while talking to my friend we decided to fast that day and prepare some Arabic food to get in the Eid mood 😊
The second day, we went to the islamiq center in Lund, and indeed there was Eid. Everyone was dressed up smiling with friends and families, wishing happy holidays for everyone, and chatting about how they will spend those 4 days. I really felt the Eid spirit even know I was far away from home. Plus, a phone call with my family really made up my day.
So can you have Eid outside your country?? Well that’s for you to decide.

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