Coming back… down to Earth?

On Monday I am flying back to Sweden after crazy holidays to run straight from the airport to the introductory fika and course kick-off. It’s time to get back to a routine and really force myself to do some serious work. Time to get organized.

But how to balance excitement about new semester and projects with post-summer laziness and melancholic feeling that holiday adventures are over?

I spent almost 2 months in Australia and New Zealand. For the first time in my life during 2 whole months I didn’t touch any computer not mentioning my laptop. My trip didn’t have a tight schedule, no obligations, just nature, food, struggling with southern winter and the biggest worry was if it won’t be too windy to cook on our outdoor gas stove. How am I supposed to sit at the desk in the studio and work on my project, attend scheduled lecture and keep in mind upcoming deadlines? Here are few tips for us all 🙂

1. Keep yourself busy

Summer was amazing and after great adventures it is easy drop your backpack in the middle of your room, get some popcorn and catch up with Netflix. Don’t. Write a to-do list, unpack, clean your room, check those 3 millions of emails and fill up the empty fridge! Don’t let yourself become slothful and it will be much easier to start the semester with full speed.

2. Find a good planner

If your holidays were as easy and relaxed as mine you may need some handy calendar to keep you updated with all the dates, meetings and parties you have planned for upcoming days! Set yourself some goals, use post-its, hang a wall calendar – anything that works for you.

3. Don’t postpone any work

If you have something to do… just do it! You will thank yourself later.

4. Keep it fun and exciting

The week may be long, looking out of the lecture room to see people having picnic on grass is hard, laundry may be boring and you really don’t feel like doing groceries but if you intertwine the necessary with exciting events to look forward to – you will quickly forget to be in mourning after holidays!


My name is Zuzanna and I am polish girl doing master studies in architecture in Lund. For me summer will be hard to forget but I will try to keep posting about little adventures here in Sweden!


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  1. 31 August, 2016 | 15:39 | Helene von Wachenfelt

    Welcome to the blog Zusanna!
    I know the feeling coming back from vacation…. The advise you give works well for me too!

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