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India Day Celebration (2017) in Malmo

Few days back, we celebrated ‘India Day’ in Malmö. It was organized by the Indian Association in Sweden (IAS) in collaboration with the Embassy of India, Sweden. It was a special and joyous occasion marking the 5th anniversary of IAS. It was also a great opportunity to meet other families and friends. The delicious, traditional Indian food only made the … Continue reading

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Vacation time

The one’s who work hard should also rest that way as well. That’s why I went to Barcelona for my holiday and spend a week in there. I have to say I was interested in the city before the trip but it has really blown me away when I came in. The quality and quantity of food and drinks is … Continue reading

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Startup Fair 2017

Every year, LTH organizes the Startup Fair which gives the students and entrepreneurs a chance to connect with each other. It gives an opportunity for the students to find out all about the innovative, and exciting ideas and developments going around in Lund and Malmo. If you are looking for a summer job or a Master thesis project or you … Continue reading

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Growing mushrooms for my project

If you’d said that I would grow mushrooms for my thesis a year ago I would laugh and laugh. And now I’m spending my tuesday afternoon growing and stuffing mushroom mass into brick molds for my thesis project. In Lund architecture is very broad subject which alows you to choose your path and explore the field. Ok so I bought … Continue reading

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VR in Lund

Today’s experience is a turning point. I’ve opened the world of virtual reality (VR) and opportunities it might provide for disaster preparedness, urban development and sustainability. The best thing of being a Lund University student is that you can contact almost anyone as long as you need information, recommendations or support. That’s how I learnt more about VR on Lund … Continue reading

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Symposium on Disasters tomorrow

Dear all, I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow from 3pm to 6pm there will be a very interesting event about disasters and disaster risk management at the main building. There will be speakers from several international universites. This symposium is one of the highlight events to celebrate Lund University’s 350th anniversary during 2017. If you are interested, here … Continue reading

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How much water in 1kg of beef?

Over recent years you might have come across a typical colourful and intriguing infographic that highlights the concept of a water footprint. You might have been shocked to a single value of 400 litres for a cotton t-shirt or a staggering 15 000 litres for a kilogram of beef. Little that I know when I first saw an infographic like … Continue reading

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Master thesis -what are the options ahead? and some basic tips..

Master thesis! What is the buzz all about?? Everybody says thesis very important as it is a great opportunity to begin our career. Especially in the field of life science, like biotechnology, it is definitely crucial to choose a thesis that can pave way for a candidate to get job in a company or acquire a PhD. Here are some points … Continue reading

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Weekend away with disaster risk students

Last weekened the disaster risk management students spent a few days together in a summer house near Halmstad. With a lot of good food and nice company, it was really good to see everyone again after having returned from the internship course. Most of us are now working on their Master thesis for the last few months of the study … Continue reading

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Old town in a middle of the field – Jackriborg

If you take a train to Malmä and look through the window on the right the first stop is going to be Hjärup. The strange square old town in what seams to be a field.  This place has puzzled me every time I took the train until day before yesterday I decided to step out and check it out for … Continue reading

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