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Late study nights at LTH

The picture below is the hallway one of our buildings at the school of engineering, taken at 9pm during exam period last week. One of the good things here at LTH is that you have plenty of study spaces that stay open 24/7 (accessible with your student access card). I sometimes get bored from studying at home so I come to school and work … Continue reading

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Exam week almost over!

The exam week of the autumn semester is almost over! It is interesting to observe the mood of the students around campus- while some people laugh loudly in some corners, happy that exams are over, others still study hard, as it can be seen in the picture taken inside LTH’s Studiecentrum. It is typical that all study rooms are full … Continue reading

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Lack of Exams….?

It is that time of the year again…no, not Christmas. Examinations time! Luckily for us in Industrial Design, we don’t really have exams – but that does not mean easy breezy end of semesters. We still have to work – a lot! – in our presentations. We do have a more informal setting – teachers are usually very laid back … Continue reading

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Last day at Campus!

    So today was our last day at Campus Helsingborg and it was our final presentation day of the Public Building Integrating Solar Energy, Costs and Environmental Issues course! My group presented first today and I was the first one to talk, a bit nervous, but everything went well! Our programme director, Maria Wall, was there and baked pepparkakor (Swedish … Continue reading

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End of the Term

These last couple of weeks have been very busy. It is strange to think that in one more week I will be finished with all of the classes for my Masters degree (I still need to take the exams in January though!). It is does not seem that long ago at all that I first arrived in Lund. The last … Continue reading

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Late nights in a dark country

Its dark when you wake up, dark when you go home from school.. But I am still at school.. And it is already dark.. At least I have glüch! But Hey.. Christmas is coming and hopefully it will start to snow soon. Chrismas lights and snow really makes a difference. Matias

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