Career Fair Days – ARKAD

Hey guys,

Today I am going to talk about ARKAD, the biggest career fair of Scandinavia.

It is held every year in the middle of November at LTH and it lasts two days. Not only it gives you the chance to get in contact with some company representatives, it also gives you an insight about internships and master thesis opportunities. In addition to it, being a student at LTH, you can apply to work as a host or coordinator.

I worked as a company host last year and it was quite fun. I was assigned a company, so I helped them settle at the location and basically was acting as a bridge between the company and the organization group, helping them with whatever was missing. All in all you get some work done, while being able to visit all the other company’s booths. There is also a banquet that is offered for the workers and the company representatives, which is quite fancy. Other people may also attend, but they have to pay for their entrance ticket.

This year I will be working as a lunch host. The event will be happening on November 15-16th, so more details will come later.

Hope you guys can attend it,


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