Being active in LTH

As a student in LTH, you have a variety of organizations which are part the student union that you can be part of and volunteer with.
I joined this semester an non-profit student organization, called BEST (board of european students of technology) that operate in almost all countries in Europe. You can travel all over Europe for cheap and attend different events and parties. I have attended a training event in Estonia in different topics (motivation, time management..) and it has been so much fun.
The members of BEST Lund have been really nice and helpful. I also get to practice my Swedish and hang out with Swedes. And it’s been a really good time so far!
BEST Lund is also organizing events locally, we are organizing an engineering competition in 27-28 February for all LTH students to take part in. The winner of this local competition round will get to compete in the regional round in Copenhagen and if you also win that one (yes it’s possible!) you will go to Belgrade Serbia for the international competition. You don’t need specific skills or preparation for that. It’s fun and at the same time you get to learn a new skill.

— Zineb

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