Beginning of a new study period

In LTH, there is one week or two weeks of free time between the two study periods and students can use this time to prepare their exams and get relaxed. Many students will choose to travel in this “short holiday” after a tense period.  And now it is time to start a new study period! New courses, new assignments and new challenges are waiting for us. Although it is a little hard to get back to the fast-paced studying or working life, just persist for two days and you can get used to it.

Also, it is time to apply for Autumn 2017 studies. There are some tips for people who want to study in Lund University.

(1) First, choose the program you are interested in:

(2) Second, read thoroughly the information about program admissions. On each program-specific admission page, you can find almost every information you need including program introduction, entry requirements, application process, tuition fee (for Non-EU/EEA citizens) and scholarships. You can also find the contact persons on the page if you have any questions.

Besides the normal scholarships, there is a new scholarship this year: Lund University’s 350th Jubilee Scholarship, for more detailed information:

Good luck for the new study period and application!



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