Back to Lund, back to ‘normal’

It’s almost two weeks as I left Turkey and successfully accomplished my internship at UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub. How do I feel? Mmm, I feel great 🙂 I don’t have to think about security issues – no, of course, I have to consider a helmet while cycling or fire security, but speaking generally, I am currently in a safer environment that I was till the end of October.

Additionally, I enjoy seeing my classmates, the ones who decided to stay in Lund and proceed with studies instead of doing internship, I’m happy with an elective course on humanitarian logistics. Having worked for five months within the United Nations system, I observe a lot of benefits for my current classes and group projects and can provide some useful inputs. Moreover, I can also assist a teacher at some of the seminars of the courses, like Capacity Development, that are taught during the second year of the DRMCCA programme. For example, today we have trained a little bit on ‘frequent bus accidents issue’ in order to understand how to figure out consequences, problems and causes of problems. Afterwards, we have tried to build our own problem trees with regards to specific cases in Georgia and Palestine.

Unfortunately, I’m still struggling with my food habits because everything was so cheap in Turkey, and I have totally forgotten how to cook myself. But, that’s not a problem at all as long as you are safe.

  • Tatiana
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