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More Chinese Fellows Applying for EEE in 2017/2018

As far as I know, at least 5 talented Chinese students with very competitive CV are strongly eager to join our EEE family. Nothing else is more exciting than this since we have only 2 Chinese guys in 2012,  only 2 in 2013, only one in 2014, only one (me) in 2015 and zero in 2016. Besides, according to uhr statistics, the total number … Continue reading

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Lund Univ. 350th Anniversary Book

Our Lund University has published a caffe-table-designed book “Lund University over 350 Years – History and Stories” for the University’s jubilee year, of which the journeys depict major occurrences and overall trends in University’s history from a small provincial academy with 14 professors and 80 students to today’s major international university ranked among the top 100 universities in the world ! Both Swedish … Continue reading

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Tools widely used in Academia – TeX (2)

In TeX (1), this fantastic writing platform for scientific paper has been introduced. May be some guys are confused that in the “what you see is what you get”-based platform such as Microsoft Word, one can just simply press “ctrl+B” or click “B” button to set the bold format, why would one have to remember \textbf{the text gonna be bold} in LaTex!? Yeah, it … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Moore’s Law and its 5-nm threshold

I’ve recently read an article about the Transistor where a smallest transistor ever has been implemented in Berkeley Lab. Nowadays in commercial, the smallest size of the transistor gate reaches 14 nanometer, while in science and industry, the task of down-scaling the transistors becomes more and more challenged but never stops in order not to lag behind the Moore’s Law which refers to that … Continue reading

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Tools widely used in Academia – TeX (1)

Tex is a comprehensive and powerful platform for writing scientific documents & publications especially in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics and Engineering. Instead of formatted text (as used in Word, Pages, LibreOffice Writer, etc.), TeX users are writing in plain text. By several lines of formatting commands, content throughout the document are stylized, as well as page layout, indexing, footnotes, chapter headings, cross-references and … Continue reading

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Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节

In China, we celebrate the mid-autumn festival, 中秋节 in simplified Chinese, every 15th day of the 8th month in the Lunar calendar. We normally celebrate it by making and sharing mooncakes, carrying lanterns, making sky lanterns, playing riddles, etc. Here are the mooncake and Chinese food photographed in this time.

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The safety issues regarding to your bicycles

Hello everyone, hope you enjoy the new study life in Lund. As you have noticed, bicycles in our Lund city are so everywhere that we can call it a kind of bicycles’ city. However, sometimes, you might have to face the safety issues. Here is some pictures that I photographed during last academic year. As you can see, for safety, only relying on … Continue reading

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