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Lund ~ gearing up to welcome new students :D

August is here, and in two weeks the newbies would be arriving to Lund. It reminds of my first day here and I cannot believe that its almost an year since my arrival O.o¬†I have signed up to be an international mentor and its so exciting as we would be conducting several fun activities and excursion for the newcomers. We … Continue reading

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An update – Summer in Lund :)

For the past two weeks, it has been such a pleasant weather in Lund. It is raining now and then with little sunshine. Not to forget about the wind!! Its really windy here and literally blows me off my bike. Its a fantastic feel to get drenched in the drizzle while walking on lonely streets ūüôā Lund is kind of … Continue reading

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Summer plans~

As I have no plans of going back home for this summer, I planned to spend it worthwhile. Some of the options to spend summer in Lund: i) summer job ii) internship iii) volunteer lab work iv) advanced course v) summer courses in other universities vi) travel and explore. Most of my friends staying here are planning the same and … Continue reading

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Self cooking ~fun~

Until my bachelors back home, I don’t remember stepping into the kitchen to cook. Every time I was hungry or got back from school, the food was ready. Thanks to mom! But, now, I cook everyday. I can’t believe that in these 7 months of my stay in Lund, I have discovered a tiny chef in myself. I always thought … Continue reading

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Cycling around Lund ~

With the onset of spring, the climate prevailing in Lund is amazing. Many of my friends have already started their hiking trail and cycling expeditions in and around Sk√•ne region. There are natural reserves, number of castles, lakes and parks where you can relax a bit after a tiring week.. This weekend, I had also burnt some calories by cycling … Continue reading

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LU current research..!

I generally go through articles about current research activities at Lund University. This is something that fascinated me so much that I am sharing with you all here. There was a website I came across which gives news about Sweden in a nutshell. One of the article was titled ‘Watch Out, Yogurt. Soon Drinking Water Might Go Probiotic’. I immediately … Continue reading

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(Sun)Light..! #drivingforce

When I arrived at Lund in August ’15, the sun was bright until evening 20:00 hrs. It was a bit strange for me but felt good. As the days went on, it started to become more and more dark. December 22nd was the shortest day with just ~4 hours of sunlight. It was dark when I stepped out to school … Continue reading

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Mini Project – interesting..!

I have chosen only one course this study period which has evening lectures roughly twice a week..! Interesting right! I will be free and would have a lot of spare time. When I thought of spending it worthwhile, I approached a PostDoc and asked her if I could do a mini – project sort of work with her for two … Continue reading

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Backpack and Explore Europe..!

It is so common that¬†most of us would like to be young travelers going around and exploring at this age! Being a non-EU student at Lund has given me this wonderful opportunity to go backpack around Europe. First of all, I feel very easy to commute to the international airports – Malm√∂ and Copenhagen from Lund. The Schengen visa gives … Continue reading

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Welcoming Christmas :)

I am much excited and awaiting to enjoy¬†my first christmas in Europe. My eagerness shoots high as I see many decorations coming up all around the city!! The¬†delicious¬†Saffron buns, Gl√∂gg, Cakes, Chocolates etc., tempts me and I end up in exercising to burn out the¬†calories ūüėČ Vad kul!! Here is a glimpse of LUND welcoming Christmas!!         … Continue reading

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