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Our office on campus

My thesis work has been had a few ups and a few downs but I know that I am working towards a great product. I have split my time in between Sweden Water Researchs Ideon office and the office I share with other students. Before I came to campus there were some visiting Japanese researchers who left origami paper, a … Continue reading

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The secret ingredient to brown sauce

The well-known Swedish meal, köttbullar med potatis mös (meatballs with mashed potatoes) brings fond memories to mind. You will find it everywhere from the student cafeterias to korridor kitchens to IKEA’s restaurant. Brunsås (brown sauce) or gravy is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to Swedish meatballs. Don’t forget it! My Swedish friend and I cooked … Continue reading

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Tips! Used items in Lund and IKEA

Tips! If you are new to Lund and are starting from scratch, why not look into buying used furniture and other necessities? You will likely find an online community for your new student housing location that you can post items to sell and buy from. Facebook has a New and Used in Lund page that can be a great resource … Continue reading

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Påsk Ledighet (Easter Vacation)

Over Easter Break last week I was able to spend a good amount of time in Malmö, in the neighborhood of Limhamn to be exact. Another member of the American Women’s Club of Malmö packed up and took their family to China for vacation so I was the housesitter and cat caretaker for the time being. We took the opportunity … Continue reading

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After a year the streets of Lund have begun to feel like home. A rainy day in Lund means a quietness and peacefulness that is hard to match. ~ Kate

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I have been so pleasantly surprised by how relaxed a person can feel while being interviewed. Sweden is not a country that cares about titles, licenses and age as a judgement of whether a person is right for the job. They often care about who you are as a person. They want to know if you will fit well in … Continue reading

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Study at Komvux

Hey All, Take the opportunity if you will stay longer for than one year (in which case you will receive a Swedish person number including the benefits of full health care and access to Swedish services such as the language classes) to gain an understanding (if only the basics!) of the Swedish language. One of the best ways to feel … Continue reading

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At the company office

The last couple of weeks the two Swedish girls and I who are working on a Master’s thesis for Sydvatten AB were able to hang out at the main office for the company in Malmö. We had a taste of what it will be like to work at such a company. Not everyone is able to find a business to … Continue reading

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Ideon Science Park

Right next to campus there is a large science center called Ideon Science Park. Not only is it a place where great research comes out of, a lot of companies have smaller satellite offices there where its easy to find an internship, thesis work or a summer job. It is growing too! It has a great innovation center and a … Continue reading

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Writing A Thesis

What is interesting about writing a Masters Thesis here compared to back home in the US is that the thesis you write and where you do it is completely up to you. When I think of writing a thesis in the US, I assume the project has been planned for a year before the project start, you would work under … Continue reading

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