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Classes: Urban Processes


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Meetings & Adventures

Last weekend with a friend from my class, we decided to go to this International Pub night at the Creperiet. I had never been to the place before, and it is actually pretty nice. We didn’t know exactly what to expect, but we sat at a table with a couple other girls who happened to be in the same bio … Continue reading

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New Year, New Faces

Since arriving back in Lund after a great summer, I have been helping out with the nollning, and have had a great time. Nollning is an orientation that is done through the student union that everyone is able to participate in if they want to do so. What is great about is that they break it up into sections. Since … Continue reading

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Breaking out of your Bubble

Between school, homework, and hanging out with friends, it is so easy to get into a routine and to live in a bubble. Every day turns into waking up first go to school, then go get errands then go home, do homework, maybe hangout with friends. Along the way you may see something and think, oh that would be nice … Continue reading

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Summer in Skåne

Staying over the summer in Sweden. During the school year, I was so busy with school work, I truthfully didn’t have a lot of time to spend going around Lund or around other parts of Skåne. This past June, I had the opportunity to go to the east coast of Sweden in Skåne. There are two towns called Kivik and … Continue reading

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Finally Feeling Like Spring

Spring has technically been around for a while now, and there have been signs of spring, however today is probably one of the first days where it truly feels like spring. I didn’t even have to wear a coat when biking. You can actually feel heat from the sun, and the sky is perfectly blue. People are eating lunch outside … Continue reading

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Semester in Review: Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day in Swedish is Alla Hjärtans Dag. By no means is Valentine’s Day a big holiday over here. You will see some hearts here and there, and stores will have boxes of chocolates, but for instance, popular restaurants are not over booked because they have a flood of people who are wanting to go out to dinner to celebrate … Continue reading

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Winter in Lund

If you are thinking that because you are way up north in Sweden you will have this wonderfully beautiful white winter, where every single needle is covered in frost and snow. You would be wrong to think so majority of the time. If you are thinking that every time you step out your door you are going to experience some … Continue reading

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Semester in Review: January

School started on the 18th of January and it was great to see friends and new faces again. I was surprised actually by how much smaller my class was for my Sustainable Urban Landscape course. Right now we are 20 in the course where as last semester in the studio class we were 45 or 47 people. On the first … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve

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