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SI graduation ceremony

Last Friday I attended the Graduation ceremony of SI scholarship holders in Stockholm city centre,  Which was really great, an event that ignites me to think about my journey in Sweden again , and How I was freaking to leave my beloved family to the “unknown” and far away destination,spend two years alone, with no relatives. But now looking back, … Continue reading

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Delphi corridors

I remembered around this time when I was preparing to come to Sweden, Applying for accommodation was somewhat confusing, since you need to do a lot of search and see what is the best, what makes it complicated is that you will choose blindly in most cases, yes there are some information in the websites, but you will never know … Continue reading

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Beautiful flowers every where.

Flowers are now every where, trees are blooming in so many colors. Congratulations to people who got acceptance in Lund, special congrats for SI scholars. you will enjoy your time in this beautiful city definitely. Hind Dafallah  

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Spring, Easter, THESIS

Spring is here now! The weather becomes very nice, sunny,  and roses bloom every where.  in addition to candy eggs of Easter. very nice feeling. I want to enjoy more, but it is time to start writing the Thesis report because I should finish on May, writing thesis is a good  experience but very time consuming! wish me and all … Continue reading

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As my time in Lund seems to approach the end which is supposed to happen by June, I started to regret some things that I wish I have done! I wish I joined a course for Swedish but I was spending most of the time in Academics. I regret I did not exploit the chance of being in Schengen area … Continue reading

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Our Receiver CHIP

  If you can see the red highlighted part in this board, it is 1mm*1mm LTE reciever chip, we spent 4 months to design it. it is  very very expensive to fabricate and manufacture the design,  yet,  our department paid a lot to fabricate our work,  and we got 30  chip samples. really great feeling, we designed the board as … Continue reading

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Pictures around Lund city

It was about two weeks ago or so , when me and my friend decided to take some pictures around the city , just before the snow go away.  It was foggy that day and the pictures were very nice, The white building  you will see is the main central building in  Lund  university. the university campuses are scattered  around … Continue reading

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Enjoyable exams !!

Breathing a sigh of relief, after finishing the ever last exam in my Masters’,  I still remember my first exam, and how I was surprised on an exam of 5 hours, having used to a maximum of 3 hours of exam. I used to worry about the knowledge and  timing  as well. but I really admired the  idea of this … Continue reading

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Trip to Kronborg castle in Denmark

Pictures from my last journey to Kronborg  castle in Helsingor , Denmark. one of the amazing castles which hosted the actions for Hamlet. The very famous play of William Shakespeare.  we went there by Ferry from Helsinborg, a close city to Lund  which is one of the biggest and most beautiful Cities in Sweden and very nice to give a … Continue reading

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Seasons in Sweden

Christmas is so close,  I am feeling happy  since it will be lighter again, Sweden has different days and nights lengths , while the day is so short in winter, the situation flips around in Summer with very long days, That was a bit disturbing for some one whose bio -clock is used to fixed equal day and night lengths … Continue reading

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