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Last Saturday, me and some of my class mates got an opportunity to take place in a so called ‘Hackathon’. The principle was simple: work together in random groups of 4 or 5 for 12 hours, and in the end present your 3d-printed prototype. It was organized by THINK Open Space (an initiative of a café at campus Helsingborg), and … Continue reading

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Spare time

Now that the lectures have started, so has the everyday live in Sweden as a student. It can happen that you don’t know what to do in your spare time or that you feel like the weeks are just lectures and homework day-in, day-out. If this is the case for you, or if you find yourself in this situation sometime, then … Continue reading

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Phadder/Mentor & Ambassador

As already been posted, the new international students arrived this week. And as ambassadors most of us got to meet them at registration day. For me it was not only just meeting the new internationals and welcoming them. During the introduction this year the EEBD master’s program is being included for the first time! So registration day wasn’t only for me … Continue reading

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Moving day

Apparently the end of June and the beginning of July is moving time. People that graduated are moving out, while new students already start to move in. For me it was moving time as well. In the passed year I rented via Lund University Accommodations, which was very convenient because it was a furnished studio apartment in Helsingborg. Unfortunately I … Continue reading

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Dear diary,

Hello, this is my first time writing here, so I’ll start with a short formal introduction to you, but I think you will get to know me even better over time. My name is Anton and I’ve been living in Helsingborg, Sweden, for almost 1 year now, as a native Dutch-guy. What I was thinking going here? Well, studies, off … Continue reading

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