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And now… holidays :)

The first year of my master program has now finished in the middle of a wonderful and well-deserved summer. Lund is empty as everybody is going home or starting a summer job. For me, my next step is also a journey to my home land, Colombia, where my family expects my arrival and the long experiences that I have to … Continue reading

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Spring is here

Probably you have already have read a lot about the Spring in Lund thanks to the posts of my friends. Spring, however, deserves all those posts and even more as it has arrived with light, warmth and happiness.  To be honest, for me that it is the first time I see what seasons are, I never imagined the drastic change of the … Continue reading

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Sweden’s natural parks

Hey! Swedish population is not large and in a huge country, this fact implies the possibility of enjoying several spaces devoted to nature. Last week, a couple of friends and me went to two natural parks. The first of them, Tiveden, is located next to the second largest lake in Sweden: Vätern, more or less between Stockholm and Gothenburg. The experience … Continue reading

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The missing pictures

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the large number of paths devoted to bikes and pedestrians in Lund. This morning, while I was walking through one of them I saw a couple of rabbits. It was wonderful: the played and run as any other in the path. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fast enough to take a picture of them, … Continue reading

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Paths for bikes

One of the most beautiful things that I find in Lund is the bike devotion. It is not only the fact of finding bikes everywhere but also the facilities that this city offers to bike riders. Cycle racks everywhere, free pumps, communities that help you with any problem you may have and very specially: roads… wonderful roads to ride. This … Continue reading

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A wonderful morning

Winter is still here and sometimes its effects are astonishing. Today I don’t have anything special to report, just a wonderful morning: plenty of light and white everywhere. By the way, this is a part of the LTH campus.   Andrés Felipe

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New Year in Lund

It was a cold night as any other during this winter. The fog and the raining made the weather even more difficult. Despite of that, the enthusiasm for the first new year far away from home was also there. I went to the main yard of the city and with the company of some friends, we celebrated the new year. … Continue reading

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It is not too dark when there is snow

Yeah, it is true. When the day lasts just 7 hours and you were used to 12 hour days, there are some moments when you may feel upset. That has happened to me recently and it is not easy to get used to that. In despite of that, winter also brings magic moments. Two weeks ago, one of those moments came … Continue reading

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Jag talar lite Svenska!!!

I’ve just arrived from my Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) course and I can proudly speak my first words in Swedish. Believe or not, if you are a master student for more than one year, the Swedish government offers free courses to learn Swedish. It’s a great opportunity to learn a new language and to be closer to Swedish society at the … Continue reading

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Colors of autumn

As a person from a country where the sun rises and sets at the same time everyday, seasons are a totally new experience for me. Meanwhile the classes start again, I would like to post two beautiful pictures of Lund where the yellow autumn is the main protagonist. When clouds are gone and allow the sun to appear, the result may … Continue reading

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