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Valborg is a feast in Sweden and it is always on the 30th of april every year. It is a celebration for welcoming the spring. In my town, Eslöv, we always have some preformances by choirs and speaches before litting the torch and heading out with a boat in the water to the giant pile of wood placed in the middle … Continue reading

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Easter in Italy and San Marino

Hi everyone! So after working with my thesis for a very long time I realised that a break was necessary. So I packed my bag and took a last minute flight to Italy. It was the best decision I have made in a very long time. I came back from my trip with a whole new level of energy that … Continue reading

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Me and my partner just started working on our thesis…we love our thesis but sometimes ..there is a serious need for breaks and I like to look back at things that I have done the last couple of weeks to get some new energy. So I wanted to share with you what I did in 2015, and what I did … Continue reading

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Lucia everywhere….

Hi cutiepies, So what have I been doing the last two weeks ? Watched Lucia performances in different cities. So you can imagen how many saffran buns and gingerbreads I have eaten (saffran bun is the yellow bun on the plate in one of the pictures and it tastes like heaven). Here is some pictures of my dear little brother and his friend … Continue reading

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Go-kart, fun to do indoors in Sweden!

            Hi Hope you have the time of your life? If not, you should really do something about it. I study at campus in Helsingborg and do you know what is right next to it? GO-KART! I got to try it out since I got it as a birthday present from my dear friends from … Continue reading

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