Architecture and Design Library. Make the most of it

Today I will talk about the library, which is one of my favourite spots at school.

I know from my classmates that it often doesn’t make a good first impression because of the small size, but it’s misleading, trust me!

First of all, people who work there are super nice and helpful. They can show you around if you ask and of course they’ll do their best to assist you in whatever you are looking for. The thing is, all university libraries are connected and if the book you want to borrow is located somewhere else, you can make a request and it will be delivered at school for free.

What I find really useful is the range of search systems like LUBsearch or LOVISA. Once you log in you can access electronic sources, view and download articles and journals. It makes life so much easier when working for example on Architecture in Material and Detail course assignment (where you have to find detailed drawings and a lot of information about the building) and, yes, it does feel cool to be able to read articles from the latest “Architectural Digest”, let’s say 🙂

Last, but not least, when you get a minute, have a look at the thesis brochures from previous years, they are for library use only. They tell a lot about the school and kind of provide an overview of the whole programme, not to mention the inspiration for your projects!

Have fun and good luck in your studios


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