An alternative holiday

This year, instead of going back home for Christmas, I decided to stay in Lund to spend some time with my babies a.k.a EGSB reactors. I know it sounds nerdy but I am actually enjoying spending time in laboratory while everyone is away for holiday.

I have started working for this bio-gas project in early November when I chose to take an Advanced Course instead of two different courses with 7.5 credits. This project runs in collaboration with different departments (Advanced Microbiology, Chemical Engineering) and the part I am involved in is under Environmental Biotechnology division.

My supervisor asked me if I would be interested in being in charge of the operation right after the start up while she is away. And I said yes even though I had little fears such as ruining everything and blowing up the whole lab! Yet, it was also a challenge that I wanted to accept. And here we are with these fancy ones after one week! We are all doing great 🙂



  • Gülce
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