Advantages of living in a dorm

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of a dorm as an accommodation, but there are some obvious advantages of choosing the dorm as a place to live for two years.

  1. You will meet a lot of new people, and probably studying other programmes.
  2. You will practice your communication and negotiation skills in order to make your life safe and pleasant (students tend to be lazy and leave some stuff behind them in common places)
  3. You will practice your cooking skills and try cuisine of other cultures
  4. You will practice your skills in design and decoration as the room you will move in a room that will be probably empty.

And finally!

  1. You will you have your own post address and you can inform all people in the world about it and get marvelous postcards and greeting cards! That is the best thing I like living in the dorm.
Wall of postcards

Wall of postcards in Delphi


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