About being on time

LU is a university with a lot of international students. Group work with students from different culture is very common. It’s important to understand that being on time can be different for people from different culture.

In China when we say our course at 8:00, students will show up before 8:00 and the course will start exactly at 8:00. The first semester in school here, I always manage to get to our class on time or slightly earlier. But the courses normally start later than it should be. Finally I figured out that normally, courses start 15 minutes later than what is said on time editor.

We talked about being on time in different cultures on our Swedish course. In Sweden, people are strict but not that strict about being on time. Being late within 10 minutes is totally fine. Some students said people in their countries are very relaxed with time. It’s possible that an invitation says the dinner starts at 4:00 pm and guests show up 2 hours later.

It’s an interesting detail and a good thing to know. You don’t want to be upset waiting for someone or make your teammate upset waiting for you.

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