A lot of roads lead to Lund

As a German citizen, getting to Sweden from Germany was intuitively synonymous with taking the train through Denmark – either on the mainland via Jutland and Funen or along the Fugleflugtslinjen between Hamburg and Copenhagen, using the ferry service across the Fehmarn Belt. But as I soon found out, there are other options as well. If you are still unsure how to get to or from Lund, here’s some pieces of advice, which are similarly relevant if you plan to travel to Germany or one of the neighboring countries:

  • Check all the alternatives – there are bus services both including the ferry trip or via Jutland and Funen, e.g. by flixbus, rødbillet, goEuro and eurolines.
  • Keep the train ticket scarcity in mind – during the summer season, the trains by DSB / DB are restricted – you can (in theory) only board with a ticket including a reservation. Those tickets might be sold out early – you may be lucky to get one by checking both the DSB and DB website. It might also be of interest to book the train to Rødby (Puttgarden), get a ferry ticket separately and enter the train again on the German (Danish) side with a second train ticket. This way, you are still able to get tickets even if all seats are reserved. Most likely, there will be open spots, so you do not have to stand during the whole journey.
  • Depending on your citizenship, InterRail / EuRail-Tickets might save you some money. compared to regular-price tickets. Don’t forget to check whether you need a reservation on the planned trip. Both DSB and DB offer discounts if you book very early (Orange billet / Europa-Spezial) at the cost of having a non-refundable ticket.
  • Consider taking a plane, e.g. by SAS or Ryanair – if you’re lucky, you can end up getting a bargain such as a flight from Copenhagen to Cologne or Frankfurt for 20-50 Euro. SAS offers Tickets for students and people up to an age of 26 – you will not get this kind of information with the common search engines.

To all of you travelling to Lund these days: Safe travels! If you are looking for more general information on how to get to Lund, have a look at the universities’ website. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below the post.

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