March 2017

How much water in 1kg of beef?

Over recent years you might have come across a typical colourful and intriguing infographic that highlights the concept of a water footprint. You might have been shocked to a single value of 400 litres for a cotton t-shirt or a staggering 15 000 litres for a kilogram of beef. Little that I know when I first saw an infographic like … Continue reading

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Master thesis -what are the options ahead? and some basic tips..

Master thesis! What is the buzz all about?? Everybody says thesis very important as it is a great opportunity to begin our career. Especially in the field of life science, like biotechnology, it is definitely crucial to choose a thesis that can pave way for a candidate to get job in a company or acquire a PhD. Here are some points … Continue reading

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Holidays during the master thesis?

During the master thesis the time management of the work is done by the students and approved by the supervisors. So as long as the work is done and results are delivered, it is fine to take a few days off! 🙂 I was lucky to spend some time in Zanzibar, discovering amazing places 🙂 And while having a little … Continue reading

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Weekend away with disaster risk students

Last weekened the disaster risk management students spent a few days together in a summer house near Halmstad. With a lot of good food and nice company, it was really good to see everyone again after having returned from the internship course. Most of us are now working on their Master thesis for the last few months of the study … Continue reading

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Old town in a middle of the field – Jackriborg

If you take a train to Malmä and look through the window on the right the first stop is going to be Hjärup. The strange square old town in what seams to be a field.  This place has puzzled me every time I took the train until day before yesterday I decided to step out and check it out for … Continue reading

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