November 2016

Work at home?

When the dark and cold days come to Lund sometimes it’s hard to get yourself out of your room. I catch myself very often doing nothing and having problems with finding motivation to study. Few days ago I brought part of the project home to have it all the time on my mind. Does it feel good when school work … Continue reading

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Tools widely used in Academia – TeX (2)

In TeX (1), this fantastic writing platform for scientific paper has been introduced. May be some guys are confused that in the “what you see is what you get”-based platform such as Microsoft Word, one can just simply press “ctrl+B” or click “B” button to set the bold format, why would one have to remember \textbf{the text gonna be bold} in LaTex!? Yeah, it … Continue reading

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Where to get modelling stuff (architecture)

The finals are not that far away, so better start thinking about that shiny, new model of yours. If you are looking for building materials, balsa, metal, paper, kapa or anything alike – look no further. Here is a list of shops and what you can buy in them. I’m sorry but there are no specialty shops in Lund other … Continue reading

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How bad are swedish dark winters in Lund?

When one thinks about a northern country, one of the thoughts might be that it is dark and cold in winter time… But I can cheer you up, it is not as bad as you would think (considering the darkness). As I am from Italy I have to say that you can of course feel a difference in hours where … Continue reading

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Speaking of the Moore’s Law and its 5-nm threshold

I’ve recently read an article about the Transistor where a smallest transistor ever has been implemented in Berkeley Lab. Nowadays in commercial, the smallest size of the transistor gate reaches 14 nanometer, while in science and industry, the task of down-scaling the transistors becomes more and more challenged but never stops in order not to lag behind the Moore’s Law which refers to that … Continue reading

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Trip to Norway

My little sister came to visit me after I got back from China. She wanted to go to Norway. We took a flight to Oslo late in the evening after I had finished up a review for class. Then we hurried around the downtown central Oslo area, because we only had an hour to do it in before our train … Continue reading

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Field Study: China

At the beginning of October Sudes went to China, specifically Beijing and Tianjin. For the first part we were in Tianjin and we did a design charette with local university students as well as some from a university in Beijing. It was an intense couple of days. Many us finished our group projects minutes before the competition deadline. Also we … Continue reading

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Having Fun on Halloween

Autumn is definitely here in Lund. Admist the studying and getting ready for midterm, it is nice to take a break. Last night a group friends and I got together and made and autumn squash soup and had some bread. Of course there was also candy. There was even Halloween candy all the way from the US. There were 12 … Continue reading

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Beginning of a new study period

In LTH, there is one week or two weeks of free time between the two study periods and students can use this time to prepare their exams and get relaxed. Many students will choose to travel in this “short holiday” after a tense period.  And now it is time to start a new study period! New courses, new assignments and … Continue reading

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The Royal Republic of Ladonia

If you are eager explorer or perhaps attended LTH orientation week hike in the Kullaberg Nature Reserve, you might have heard someone mention the term ‘Nimis’. Standing tall on the northern shore of the Kullaberg Nature Reserve, is a series of striking wooden towers connected by labyrinth pathways constructed mostly out of driftwood. Construction of Nimis started in 1980 by … Continue reading

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