October 2016

Internship: final countdown

Two weeks more, and my internship in Turkey is over. Trying to enjoy sunny days as much as possible before long Scandinavian grey winter… Tatiana

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Project in Life Science

One of the courses in Food Technology and Nutrition in the second year of the Master Programme is the Project in Life Science! Every year do the Professors come up with a new challange for the students! This year we have to produce a vegan food product. My group decided to make a vegan and gluten free cake baking mix … Continue reading

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Getting into the field

We all sometimes get a bit tired of theory, equation derivations and lengthy technical presentations. So the opportunity to get into the field for some practical work always provides some sense of excitement to an engineering class. Several presentations, group discussions and planning sessions finally led up to 2 full days of practical fieldwork in the Skåne countryside. This group project … Continue reading

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Kanelbullens Dag – The Cinnamon Bun Day :)

Today is Kanelbullens Dag or the Cinnamon Bun Day which gives us one more reason to enjoy the delicious cinnamon bun. It is often said that Swedes are sweet-toothed, but how can one not be, when you are surrounded with so many delicious cakes and pastries. The cinnamon bun has been one of the favorite pastries in Sweden since 1920s. … Continue reading

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Kanelbullens dag (Cinnamon buns day)~

Today, Oct 4 is celebrated in Sweden as Kanelbullens dag. You might wonder why celebrate a cinnamon bun day!?! I had the same question until my Swedish friend explained its significance. Kanelbullens dag is being celebrated on Oct 4th every year since 1999. It is said to be initiated by a baker (promoting yeast, flour, sugar and margarine manufacturing in olden … Continue reading

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Last Saturday, me and some of my class mates got an opportunity to take place in a so called ‘Hackathon’. The principle was simple: work together in random groups of 4 or 5 for 12 hours, and in the end present your 3d-printed prototype. It was organized by THINK Open Space (an initiative of a café at campus Helsingborg), and … Continue reading

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Hurricane Matthew

Dear all, as part of my Disaster Risk Management studies, I am currently doing an internship at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Panama. We are currently experiencing an intense hurricane in the Caribbean, and as part of my work I  participate in coordinating the humanitarian response to this emergency.  The category 4 hurricane  is … Continue reading

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