August 2016

Summer in Skåne

Staying over the summer in Sweden. During the school year, I was so busy with school work, I truthfully didn’t have a lot of time to spend going around Lund or around other parts of Skåne. This past June, I had the opportunity to go to the east coast of Sweden in Skåne. There are two towns called Kivik and … Continue reading

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A South African in Sweden

During the last few days of my European summer backpacking adventure, I mentioned to a friend that I was looking forward on heading home. Bemused he asked me if I’m going to South Africa. My instantaneous reaction to respond with the word ‘No’, coincided with a quick moment slight disbelief to my own answer. What series of incredible events transpired … Continue reading

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Seasons of Sweden~ beautiful yet unpredictable

Most of the people would agree with the fact that you can witness the best of all the seasons in Sweden. It is certainly amazing to enjoy the beautiful spring, joyful summer, amazing autumn and wonderful winter with snow. You can dwell into the cradle of nature and make your soul happy 🙂 But wait..! this year, there was not much … Continue reading

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After an exiting summer break, heading off to Panama to commence my internship with the UN Coordinator of Humanitarian Affairs. During the summer, I was hiking and traveling in South America. I spent four weeks in Peru and Bolivia, where I visited a friend and climbed the Andes. Afterwards I went to the beaches of Croatia and cycled through Germany. … Continue reading

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Lund ~ gearing up to welcome new students :D

August is here, and in two weeks the newbies would be arriving to Lund. It reminds of my first day here and I cannot believe that its almost an year since my arrival O.o I have signed up to be an international mentor and its so exciting as we would be conducting several fun activities and excursion for the newcomers. We … Continue reading

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