May 2016

Be economical – join a Nation

Nation or student union offers more than opportunities of making new friends. You can get discounts from lots of things with around 200 kr registration fees each semester. Joining a nation is mandatory if you want to rent student corridor room from AFB. Some nations also provide accommodations for their members.

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Self cooking ~fun~

Until my bachelors back home, I don’t remember stepping into the kitchen to cook. Every time I was hungry or got back from school, the food was ready. Thanks to mom! But, now, I cook everyday. I can’t believe that in these 7 months of my stay in Lund, I have discovered a tiny chef in myself. I always thought … Continue reading

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Our office on campus

My thesis work has been had a few ups and a few downs but I know that I am working towards a great product. I have split my time in between Sweden Water Researchs Ideon office and the office I share with other students. Before I came to campus there were some visiting Japanese researchers who left origami paper, a … Continue reading

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Career Opportunities in Sweden – Entrepreneurship!

If you have an idea which you want to transform into a successful business enterprise, then why not give it a try to start your own company! This might sound crazy, but this is really exciting to start your own company. In Sweden, you will get lots of help from different organizations and even from the academia as well if … Continue reading

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Öresund Roundtrip

If you have some family over, you will probably want to show them as much of the Öresund region as possible. A nice way to do so is to travel around the Öresund, by first going up to Helsingborg, then take to ferry over to Denmark and travel down to Copenhagen. From there you can take the Öresund bridge back … Continue reading

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There is beauty midst chaos…

So, it is coming to an end! After almost two years in LTH’s Designcentrum, this is the final month of school before the Industrial Design master is over. I will be a Design MA in about 22 days! Of course this has not come easily…this month has been basically working a lot in school or sitting in front of my computer … Continue reading

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How much does it cost to live in Lund?

This was a question I was wondering and concerned about before I moved to Lund. The cost of living in Lund can vary depending on how frugal you want to be and in what kind of housing situation you want to live in. Living in a student corridor is approximately 4000-5000 sek a month. Living in a room outside of … Continue reading

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My Favourite Cafe in Lund

Sweden is known for its fika! My favourite fika spot in Lund is Ebbas Skafferi a small and quaint cafe that is located near the central station with its door a little hidden from view. It is the type of place I stumbled across one day and was pleasantly surprised. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner there. They offer … Continue reading

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Spring in Lund

Spring in Lund is one of the most incredible times of the year. I remember a friend reassuring me in my first year in Lund that Spring would come eventually and that it happens over night. She was right! After a long and dark winter you wake up one day and it is green everywhere. Temperatures can reach up to … Continue reading

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Spring is here

Probably you have already have read a lot about the Spring in Lund thanks to the posts of my friends. Spring, however, deserves all those posts and even more as it has arrived with light, warmth and happiness.  To be honest, for me that it is the first time I see what seasons are, I never imagined the drastic change of the … Continue reading

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