April 2016

Beautiful flowers every where.

Flowers are now every where, trees are blooming in so many colors. Congratulations to people who got acceptance in Lund, special congrats for SI scholars. you will enjoy your time in this beautiful city definitely. Hind Dafallah  

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Shopping online in Sweden

Lazy to go outside? It is also convenient to shop online in Sweden. Although there is no Amazon.se, you can find lots of websites that provides online shopping. For example, adlibris.com/se for books, kicks.se and eleven.se for make up and skin care, mediamarkt for electronic products, apoteket.se and apotea.se for medicines and supplements. Finally I find a website which is similar to Amazon, … Continue reading

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Gym time!~

Summer is coming! It is time to say goodbye to winter fat. The gym in Sparta is super convenient, you can get personal training schedule, join group training or do exercise by your own plan. It even has discount for student with only 199 kr for a month.

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Living in an International Corridor

Being a student in Lund offers the chance of meeting with really cool people constantly. You never know where you will meet with your next bestie; it could be the library, the class, a nation or even a bus! Living in a corridor doubles this chance and guarantees getting to know some very nice people with whom you will always keep … Continue reading

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SI scholarships to be announced

Being a Swedish Institute Scholarship holder, I cannot stop thinking how lucky I am! This scholarship allowed me to study the programme I had dreamed about since 2011. Tomorrow, on the 12th of April, the final results as well as the amount of applicants within each scholarship programme will be published by the Swedish Institute. I wish best of luck … Continue reading

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A bit more about Spring in Lund

It is for sure my favorite season here in Sweden. It’s amazing how many flowers can bloom in this city. Every tree, every garden, every piece of grass will be covered with colorful flowers. It starts now – with the tiny lilac garden flowers, and it extends until about end of May. The weather changes drastically, with considerably less rain … Continue reading

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Spring is here!

It is the time of the year when the nature wakes up and the whole city starts to look like an amazing bouquet of flower! The nature of Sweden is really generous in awarding the people for their patience in handling the long dark winter. When the sun starts to shine, flowers bump up in almost every corner! Like this … Continue reading

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Easter in Italy and San Marino

Hi everyone! So after working with my thesis for a very long time I realised that a break was necessary. So I packed my bag and took a last minute flight to Italy. It was the best decision I have made in a very long time. I came back from my trip with a whole new level of energy that … Continue reading

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Semester in Review: Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day in Swedish is Alla Hjärtans Dag. By no means is Valentine’s Day a big holiday over here. You will see some hearts here and there, and stores will have boxes of chocolates, but for instance, popular restaurants are not over booked because they have a flood of people who are wanting to go out to dinner to celebrate … Continue reading

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Winter in Lund

If you are thinking that because you are way up north in Sweden you will have this wonderfully beautiful white winter, where every single needle is covered in frost and snow. You would be wrong to think so majority of the time. If you are thinking that every time you step out your door you are going to experience some … Continue reading

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