March 2016

Job Seeking in Sweden

Since graduation approaches, I have begun the tough task of searching for jobs in Sweden – it’s usually not an easy step for foreigners. I begun searching online and applying freely (without open positions) in the beginning of January. I sent more than 40 emails with my cover letter, portfolio, and CV. It seems to be as people say it … Continue reading

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Places I have lived in Lund

I lived in three different places in my time at Lund. A twelve person cottage in Ostra Torn, the student house Spoletorp South and a two bedroom apartment in the centre of town. Living in the Ostra Torn area feels like you a living more in the country as our place was surrounded by paddocks and horses! It was nice … Continue reading

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My Best Semester in Lund

Last semester, my third semester at Lund was the best one of my Master in Architecture degree. I took the course Urban Dynamics. It was a really interesting and well organised course. As part of the course we had a twelve day trip to China, where our site was located. The school completely organized the trip for us and even … Continue reading

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What is it really like to study in Sweden?

Something that must be on a prospective student’s mind is – what is it really like to study in Sweden? At least, it was on my mind before I moved abroad. It was about two years ago that I received my acceptance letter to Lund. So this seems to be the right time to write a post like this. I … Continue reading

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After having finished my Swedish exam on Saturday morning, my classmates and me spent the rest of the day in sunny Copenhagen, enjoying the first signs of the spring. That was a really nice break from the studies 😀 Malte

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VÄrens Första Dag (The First Day of Spring)

Winter is over officially, and its spring here! It’s time to go out and enjoy the sunny weather. One of my Swedish friends recommend me to listen to this nice song about springtime and I found it interesting to share here. Its a nice song which describes the eagerness of people for spring. Visit this link for subtitles and English translation: … Continue reading

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Swedish Exams

Lund University offers Swedish classes for exchange and international students. So today is the day of the oral exam for the level 1 course which has been running for the last two months. The written exam follows on Saturday morning. Let’s see how that goes 😀

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Ice Hockey! Amazing game between LTH Griparna and Linköping!

LTH’s team did it again! An amazing game, which started pretty bad for LTH’s team. After the second break, a victory as almost impossible, as at the end of the second period, the score was 0-3. In the last period, LTH managed to come back from hell, turned the table around, equalized to 3-3 and managed to lead the game … Continue reading

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Feels like spring already

Time flies as fast as the weather changes these days. The sun is finally here, after what seems like an eternal winter. Yet, at the same time, I think I’m not alone when I say that I feel like I want to postpone spring and have it at the same time. That we’re already almost halfway through March means that … Continue reading

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Finally a sunny day in Sweden! Spring is really coming this time, I hope this is not just a tease like these past few weeks. A bit of me is happy that actually spring is almost here, but this means that it’s already March, time to speed up with the thesis work! I am a bit behind with my thesis, … Continue reading

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