February 2016

Nasa project

As promised on my last post, I have to talk about the famous Nasa project. In case you don’t already know, Industrial Design master students get the chance to travel to the Houston Nasa facilities and develop a project with them. It is an amazing opportunity just talking about it, and the experience itself is even more fantastic. First, the university … Continue reading

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Internship within the 3rd semester: hard decision to make

During the third semester (Autumn 2016), an internship based course will be available for my classmates and me. We can apply for any position we want in order to apply gained knowledge in Disaster Risk Reduction or Climate Change Adaptation. Some have been looking for opportunities on local national levels, like community engagement, others on regional level or in headquarters … Continue reading

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Corridor life will keep you going during winter!

It’s nice to be in a student housing which is thus known as “corridor” in Sweden. You will see different types of parties taking place throughout the week. Some of the parties are based on the food tasting, i.e. coffee, bread, cheese, wine, etc. and some of the parties are based on activities like movie night, game night and so … Continue reading

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Paths for bikes

One of the most beautiful things that I find in Lund is the bike devotion. It is not only the fact of finding bikes everywhere but also the facilities that this city offers to bike riders. Cycle racks everywhere, free pumps, communities that help you with any problem you may have and very specially: roads… wonderful roads to ride. This … Continue reading

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(Sun)Light..! #drivingforce

When I arrived at Lund in August ’15, the sun was bright until evening 20:00 hrs. It was a bit strange for me but felt good. As the days went on, it started to become more and more dark. December 22nd was the shortest day with just ~4 hours of sunlight. It was dark when I stepped out to school … Continue reading

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Catching up!

Last time I blogged was about the job interview and…. I got the job! Thank you for all of your support!  I am now junior environmental specialist-trainee at White architects! It’s really a dream come true to finally get a job in Sweden, doing what I really want to do as a professional later. So, enough about the good news. Reality … Continue reading

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Pictures around Lund city

It was about two weeks ago or so , when me and my friend decided to take some pictures around the city , just before the snow go away.  It was foggy that day and the pictures were very nice, The white building  you will see is the main central building in  Lund  university. the university campuses are scattered  around … Continue reading

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Although it is already a couple of weeks later and we are in the middle of preparing assignments, I still want to share my holidays in Lithuania in January. It was icy and sunny at once, which turned out to be a really cool combination 😀  So I’d like to recommend, if you have a few days off, just catch … Continue reading

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Not just a Number

I was surprised when I first arrived at Lund University that I was a person first and a student, statistic, check-list, second. I was relieved at how approachable staff at the university were. I have always felt welcome to e-mail or visit staff in person. There is a real sense of openness and that everyone’s opinion is valid – likely, a … Continue reading

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Thesis Abroad!

I have just begun working on Master Thesis. The way the thesis works in the Architecture Faculty is that you are given a semester (or more) to complete a project with a topic of your choosing. You pick an adviser and sometimes an examiner. The key point of the thesis is to pick a topic you are interested in and … Continue reading

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