January 2016

It always feels good when the work you do gets appreciated!

We, the students of Masters in Food Technology and Nutrition, were given a task of developing an innovative food product from the raw materials that a company provides, as a part of our course in the Fall 2015 semester. Our class was divided into 4 groups, each comprising a mix of international students from various countries. After a series of … Continue reading

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“HALAL” Food is also available here in Lund

There is nothing to worry if your food preference is restricted to halal food. Halal food is also available in Lund. You can find Halal meat from Willi’s, Hemköp and possibly ICA and Coop Extra brand (depending on stores). Also, there are a few shops in Lund and Malmö (Indo-Pak, Abdos etc.) where you will find Halal foods. But, it is always … Continue reading

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Backpack and Explore Europe..!

It is so common that most of us would like to be young travelers going around and exploring at this age! Being a non-EU student at Lund has given me this wonderful opportunity to go backpack around Europe. First of all, I feel very easy to commute to the international airports – Malmö and Copenhagen from Lund. The Schengen visa gives … Continue reading

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Exam week almost over!

The exam week of the autumn semester is almost over! It is interesting to observe the mood of the students around campus- while some people laugh loudly in some corners, happy that exams are over, others still study hard, as it can be seen in the picture taken inside LTH’s Studiecentrum. It is typical that all study rooms are full … Continue reading

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Be thankful for what you got!

After a long and, what I initially perceived as, cold winter, I had a break before next semester. I decided to go to Riga in Latvia for a quick holiday. I was soon to discover a whole new meaning for the word cold. With a blistering – 20 degrees, all my previous experiences with “cold weather” in Sweden seemed ridiculous. … Continue reading

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January Lights

So, it’s January in Sweden. The Christmas break is almost over, and it’s now what several people consider the most depressing month right after the rainy, grey, dark November. January can also be grey and dark, not rainy but snowy. And a lot colder – except there’s no Christmas coming. Should be the worst time ever, right? Wrong! January has a little … Continue reading

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Exam Time

It’s kind of a weird feeling to come straight from the Christmas vaction into the exam period. The semester at LTH ends on the 15th of January, so all assignments need to be done by then. While having forgotten about university for a few week during Christmas, now it’s time to work hard again. I decided to come back to … Continue reading

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Project group on the cover page of university magazine!

It feels great to see the picture of your project group on the cover page of university magazine. We, the students in the master’s program Food Technology and Nutrition are doing a course named “project in life science” where we are supposed to create a new food product based on the ingredients requested by a company. We had a few … Continue reading

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Snow Snow everywhere!

Happy new year 2016! Lund has been welcoming the New year with snow. Last year, I had my ‘First snow experience’ with snow-ball fights and building snow man during Christmas. Coming from a tropical country, snow is a totally new thing for me. But, staying in Lund for one year, has made me accustomed to the darker climate and snow … Continue reading

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Traveling Between Copenhagen and Lund

Traveling between Copenhagen and Lund had once been an easy, direct journey. With the building of the Øresund Bridge the region used to pride itself on its open borders where one could live in Denmark, yet study or work in Sweden (or vice versa). The journey from Copenhagen airport to Lund was a mere 30 minutes. However, with the refugee crisis … Continue reading

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